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Eli Gluck

eliEli Gluck was in the general construction and high end custom home building business for 20 years, and is certified in all aspects of construction. He has been hands on for most of those years, with an emphasis on carpentry, and considers himself a “jack of all trades” with knowledge of all facets and phases of construction. He has an eye for detail and has the ability to foresee problems before they arise. He is also a NYS licensed home inspector. Eli Gluck is an overall team leader for Bolt Management and Construction. Eli enjoys the challenges of every project and the satisfaction of building with his peers and making Bolt construction a successful company.

Ira Neuberg

iraIra Neuberg has over 18 years experience in management, construction and operations. He has worked in operations and management (Gold Force International) in the jewelry industry where he was managing 4 locations with over 400 employees and single handedly controlled the merger of all warehouses at the point of merger with Berkshire Hathaway. He started a building management company, Red Carpet Management. Ira has been involved in operations and financial administration for the last 10 years. Ira maintains all operational oversight, financial management and operational metrics for Bolt construction.

Rebecca Shalit

rebeccaRebecca Shalit-Joined Bolt Construction in October 2012 Heading our Business Development Department and has since played an integral role in many of the teams projects using her knowledge and expertise in Marketing, and Sales to identify new business opportunities. Through her past work experiences she has formed close relationships, strategic partnerships and built an extensive network with individuals in all aspects of the Real Estate field to help Bolt Construction continue to grow and achieve new ways to reach existing markets.

Zach Orlofsky

ZachZach Orlofsky Is an experienced designer who has had the opportunity to consult and provide project management services for the past 3 years. His exposure to dealing with Developers, Contractors and clients, has allowed him to perfect his communication skills. Zacks academic background includes a 5 year bachelors from New York Institute of Technology. Zach graduated from N.Y.I.T with honors and made the deans list.

Chris smith

Chris Smith10 years construction experience Last three projects combined for over 1 million sq feet of construction Proficient in: interior and exterior framing drywall installation and finishing Acoustical ceilings, curtainwalls Can operate heavy equipment such as boom lifts, lulls, scissor jacks and Lowell machine. Proficient in reading plans and doing layout